The Pharmaceutical College, Barpali is imparting Degree and Diploma courses in Pharmacy with intake capacity 60 each. The Institute also offers 2 years PG course in Pharmacy (M.Pharm) in three specializations of ‘Pharmaceutics’, ‘Pharmacology’ and ‘Pharmacognosy’ with an intake capacity of 18 seats, 18 seats & 10 seats respectively

In the year 2003, the Institute has shifted to a new campus situated at Tingipali, 4 K.M. away from Barpali beside N.H. 26. The campus is situated in a single piece of land of 5.52 acres having a pleasant infrastructure having academic and administrative building along with Principal’s Quarter, Guest Rooms, staff Quarters, girls’ hostel as residential facilities in the campus. The campus is located in pollution free environment, beautiful and natural surrounding with temple of ‘Maa Samaleswari’.

Class Rooms:

The Institute has three storied academic block with spacious Laboratory & class rooms for D.Pharm, B.Pharm & M.Pharm students. Each class rooms are very well furnished with sufficient furnitures for the students with audio visual facility. Adequate cold drinking water facility and toilet facilities are provided to the students in each block.

Specialised Laboratories:

Instrumental Labs

The Pharmaceutical College is well equipped with sophisticated instruments include HPLC (Analytica), UV-VIS Spectrophotometer (Schimadzu, 1800), Brook-field viscometer (Brook-field), Ph Meter (Mettler Toledo), Analytical Balance (Mettler Toledo), Bath sonicator, Flame Photometer, Conductivity Meter, Horizontal laminar benches, Centrifuge (Remi), Distillation unit, Hot air oven, Refractometer Convulsiometer, Analgesiometer, Colorimeter, BOD incubator and others.

Machine Rooms

The college machine room has various machines used in the pharmaceutical industries at different stages of production, quality control and packing. The Institute is having Tablet punching machines, coating and polishing pans, bottle filling machines, and Q.C. instruments like friability tester, Disintegration and Dissolution test apparatus, all purpose equipment and others.

Central Library:

Presently, the Institution has an excellent central library with provision for separate staking area and reading hall with adequate space for study in peaceful environment. These peaceful atmospheres provide ideal study spaces for students. For faculty separate reading facility is provided. Large number of Text and Reference Books are available for use by students and faculties. It provides students with access to a vast repository of resources, including books and periodicals. The library subscribes a verity of National and International scientific journals to elevate the student’s knowledge in pharmaceutical field. The library is constantly updated with latest books and journals to meet the student requirements. Institute having a digitalise library with online asses desk comprising of computer, internet, printing and Photocopy facility. The library activities and services are fully automated using Integrated Library Management software. The Library is well equipped with modem facilities and resources (print and electronic) in the forms of online databases, books, journals, theses, reports, etc. It has also developed a full-fledged E-resource centre equipped with necessary modem equipment in order to provide various digital mode library services. The fire protection and CCTV surveillance systems have been provided in the library building.

Working hours of library: 7 hrs (10.30 AM To 01.30 PM & 02.00 PM to 05.30 PM)

Conference & Seminar Hall:

An air-conditioned seminar hall to accommodate 200 persons is available for the students for conducting seminars, Pharmaceutical lectures, or any kind of pharmaceutical propagation activities. The hall is equipped with state-of-the art audio-visual equipment, and we have enough space of exhibiting related materials too.

Medicinal Garden:

An excellent herbal garden with more than 100 varieties of medicinal plants has been maintained for the academic work amenable to study on plant based drugs. The medicinal plant garden has been created for the cultivation and preservation of important medicinal flora. The garden has been making significant practical contribution to manifold the effects of curriculum based lectures on Pharmacology, Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry. It has been instrumental in cultivation of medicinal plants and specimens and carrying out research on active plant-ingredients.

Animal House:

The animal house facility is available to boost the teaching, training and research facilities and to meet the growing demand for high quality laboratory animals in emergent field of pharmaceutical science. Qualified veterinarians and technical personnel are always at hand to help carry out research and keep it in accordance with the standards established by the Committee for the Purpose of Control and Supervision of Experiments on Animals (CPCSEA). Periodic health monitoring of the animals is carried out to ascertain the heath status of the animals.

IIP Cell (Industry Institution Partnership Cell):

IIP Cell is established with the objective of reducing the gap between industry expectations (Practice) and academic offerings (Theory) by direct involvement of pharmaceutical industries. Presently, Institute is making bridge with the industry through its Training & Placement cell.


01. Collaborative research with the industry where the teachers are expertise & industry having requirement.
02. Exposure to the students and the teacher of this institution in industry.
03. Demonstration & guest lecturer in the college by the concerned industrial experts.
04. Industrial trouble shooting by experience faculty.
05. Project work of M.Pharm students in industry.


Institution provides hostel facilities for both male and female students. Ladies hostel can accommodate about 160 students, which is present within main campus building. The hostel rooms are well furnished for the comfortable stay with modern furniture, viz., cot, study table and chair and wardrobe. Other facilities that are provided within hostels include Sports, Newspaper, Magazines, Periodicals, continuous Aqua Fresh Cooled water and electric supply, spacious bathrooms, and toilets. Security guards provide 24-hour attention. We have 24x7 medical attentions within the hostel. All the hostels have a warden who is usually a faculty member, to supervise and to address any grievances.