Places to Visit in Bargarh District

Baseikela Gada

Baseikela Gada is situated in Bheden Block (on Bheden-Barpali Road). Bheden Jamindar Raja Manohar Singh, the close associate of Veer Surendra Sai had made fortification at this place. Situating on the bank of river Jeera it attracts thousands of people every year. The natural beauty of this place mesmerises the visitors. The remnants of the fort remind the past glory and struggle of the Jamindars and make this place more significant. This place is famous for its Ghitghiti Pathar which was producing sound when British soldiers were approaching towards the native fighters.

Bindhyabasini of Sankrida

Sankrida is a village in the Bheden block of the district. It is 35 kms. away from the district headquarters. It is only 4 kms towards the east from Thuapali, which is situated beside the state southern route from Rengali Camp. Rengali Camp is only 12 kms away from DHQ and exists beside the route leading to Sambalpur from it. The Bindhyabasini mountain exists near the village Sankrida. Bindhyabasini the Goddess is worshipped here and the mountain is named after her. The Goddess exerts tremendous religious influence on the people of this area. The mountain covers an area of 200 acres along with 50 acres of pastureland at the foot. The villagers of Sankrida have donated 27 acres of land for the management of the rites and rituals of the Goddess. The main festival of the Goddess falls every year on the full moon night of the month of Chaitra. The festival, in fact, starts 5 days before on the occasion of Dashami and culminates on the full moon night. There is the tradition of animal sacrifice here. Since the mountain exists in between Attabita and Bheden blocks, it is overcrowded on the occasion of the festival. It is also a tourist spot recognised by the Govt. of Odisha.

Boudh Bihar of Ganiapali

The historically famous village Ganiapali belongs to the block Gaisilat of the district which is 75 kms away from the DHQ. Historians opine that it was a Buddhist spot in the past. A rare Budha statue sitting in Lotus Posture with a snake on his head with its hood expanded used to attract tourist. But this rare monument was stolen from the spot in 2007 and it is yet to be traced.


A peak in the Barapahar hills in Bargarh sub-division having a height of 2267 feet. It was a noted rebel stronghold during the revolt of Balabhadra Deo, the Gond Zamindar of Lakhanpur, who was killed here. Mahapatra Ray and Baldia Ray also sought shelter here during 1840 AD after murdering Baluki Dash, the Maufidar of Bargarh. Veer Surendra Sai the freedom fighter was captured here in 1864 by British solders. There is a wild life sanctuary here. Except for elephants, wild buffaloes and blank Bucks most of the other important animals in the State of Orissa are more or less represented here.

Giri Gobardhan of Dekulba

The village Dekulba exists beside the road that leads to Bheden from the DHQ. It is near Talmenda, a village existing in the eastern side of Saharatikra Chowk. The spot is 23 kms far from the DHQ.The village is famous for Giri Gobardhan, a nice visiting spot. It is a witness to the very popular Krishna Cult of Odisha. Lord Krishna, who otherwise is known as Bishnu and Shri Jagannath is the revered deity here. The spot is named after Lord Krishna, who is believed to have lifted the mountain Gobardhan for the well being of His people. The festival of Giri Gobardhan is observed here every year on the occasion of Pratipada in the month of Kartika.

Nrusinghanath Temple

Nrusinghanath is a famous visiting place of the district which belongs to the Borasambar Kingdom of the past now known as the Padampur Sub-division. It is 150 kms far from the district headquarters.The temple of Sri Sri Nrusinghanath is situated at the bottom of the Gandhamardan Mountain which is approximately 3234 feet high. Baijaldev, the 8th Chouhan King of Patna had built the temple. An inscription on one of the stone walls of the temple speaks of the history related to its construction. In the temple which is surrounded on all sides by incredible natural beauty, Lord Vishnu is worshipped as Marjara Keshari. The Govt. of Odisha has accorded it the status of a tourist spot to this place.

We learn from the description of Huen Tsang that it was a Buddhist spot in the past known as Parimalagiri. There is historical evidence that the Buddhist Shramana Nagarjuna lived here in the past.There flows a fountain near the temple which takes different names at different places in its course such as Kapil Dhar, Bhim Dhar, Chal Dhar, Sita Kund & Go Kund. The top most point of the mountain Gandhamardan is known as Bhim Madua.The sacred Baisakha Mela (Summer Festival) takes place here on the occasion of Nrusingha Chaturdarshi. Every year it attracts a huge gathering. Festivals take place here on the occasions of Solar & Lunar eclipses too. It is also a popularly favoured destination for picnic trips.